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Hi, I'm Pedro Mura, passionate about UI/UX design,
UX generalist with a specialty in Visual UI Design.

Long story short, I started as Graphic Designer in 2007, working with printed media, logo design and websites. 
In 2011, I co-founded a startup focused on travel market, my role was UI Designer and Project Manager at that time, but months later our Information Architect left the team, and I was the only one with the skills to do this kind of job. Since then, I fell in love with the UX discipline and focused my career on become a UX Designer. I never stoped working with Visual Design, because I really like to work with colors, typography, shapes, patterns, style guides, and creativity. 
So, working as UI/UX Designer is the best way to spot and solve problems, and of course, turn ideas into engaging customer experiences. 

Still in 2011, I co-founded my company, and I was able to grow my experience as Designer and Entrepreneur, dealing with many situations with clients, stakeholders, and products who pushed me to move forward and learn new skills. At my company, I had a chance to design several websites, mobile sites, iOSAndroid apps and Saas.
Always focusing on user experience with our products and services. Unfortunately, we closed our company in 2014, this was difficult, but it was an extremely important experience for me. 

After that, I worked in a Tech company as Senior UI Designer, and I was promoted as UX Designer and Project Manager with less than a month of work. 
Introduced the UX discipline to all the employee's sectors like marketing team, visual designers, front-end and back-end team and CEO’s.

In 2015 I decided to become a Freelance Designer and work remotely to be more close to my family and my two newborn boys. Nowadays, I’m focusing on international market, working as a Senior UX/UI Designer at Toptal, and looking for some new challenges in my professional and personal life.


• UI/UX Design
• Information Architecture
• Visual Design
• Interaction Design
• Problem Spoter/Problem Solver
• Mobile Design
• UX Research
• Strategy & Planning
• Low/High Prototyping
• User Centered Design
• Wireframing
• Sitemaps
• Flowcharts
• Webflow
• Sketch App
• Invision
• Marvel
• Photshop
• Illustrator
• Indesign
• English (full professional profeciency)


I'm a simple man who likes the simple things in life. Be with my family, hang out with my wife, watch my kids growing, good music, good food, cold beers, some friends around and travel when it's possible.
I'm a music producer and musician too, and when I’m not working with design, I drive some side projects as a music producer with local bands and personal projects too. Recently I started a Youtube channel (Portuguese content) to talk about my experiences as a music producer. I'm a Big fan of Jazz and Folk music. 
In sports, I love basketball, huge fan of Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan.
TV shows to relax: Trailer Park Boys, Breaking Bad and Western stuffs.
If you want to know more about me, let’s have a chat!