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Pedro Mura is a UX generalist
with specialty in Product Design.


Over the past 8+ years, I’ve worked as a UI/UX designer across the web, and mobile applications in various work environments like, advertising agencies, startups and even founding my own company.



Websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps. Here are some projects I’ve driven.

Makeup Course

This application is an extension of an existing makeup course. The idea is that with this app, the students would have all the information they need at hand, making it possible to see images and explanatory videos, thus improving the learning of each one. The solution was to create an elegant and functional product, with all the content available in a few touches on the screen and easy navigation.
I was responsible for the initial idea, competitor research, information architecture, user flows, wireframes, user interface, and user experience design.


Woodlands Church

iOS app for smartphones made for 4k+ members of Woodlands Church in Texas, USA.
The challenge was to create a UX/UI that provides a fast, precise and simple experience to all users, building a bridge between the website, the real experience inside the church and the new iOS app. With Information Architecture and User Flows, I was able to clear the user path inside the app, have new insights about the user needs, prevent errors and help them to achieve their goals quickly. With a simple UI, I could bring life to the wireframes and use the interface to talk to the user constantly, providing a beautiful interface, full of great pictures and with a typography that offers an excellent reading.



Advice, tips, tutorials, and all the information that parents need in one place! Plus, there is space for service and product advertisements.
The person who will use this app does not have much free time which means everything needs to be fast and efficient. With this in mind, the great challenge was to enable fast, clear, and user-friendly inputs.
I was responsible for the information architecture, wireframes, user flows, user experience, and user interface design.


Total Baby

App for iOS smartphones that allows the customer to rent furniture and accessories for babies instead of buying it. I build the initial wireframes, user-flows, and information architecture. After this, I jumped into the User Interface of this MVP. The challenge here was
to deal with the significant amount of content, images, and categories in a way that does not confuse the customer, but rather guides them more quickly to the path they want.
Those details made a significant impact on the color and typography decisions.



The challenge in this project was to transform an old traditional reading tool, with a large amount of content such as texts and images, into an app for iOS and Android smartphones, that provides an easy and fast way to read the daily texts and enable interaction among users.
This is an MVP, which is being continually improved.


Common Library

This is an iOS app created for a small community who wanted to organize their library in a way that any member could rent and return a book without anyone involved in the process. In this case, there are very few books (less than 100) and few members (less than 80), so the challenge was to create a simple user interface to prevent errors. Through the UI, the app informs which books are available and unavailable, provides the option to the user to sign up on a waiting list, create a wish list, and provide an interaction between the users, showing how many and which books they read.


Vanhack Job board

Redesign the old job board, and make that clean, quick and easy to use.The UI needed tohave a nice navigation on mobile devices, so I decided to apply Mobile First Concept.
The project and presentation were made with 16 hours of work.


Travel/Tourism Startup focused on trip planning and social interaction with travelers. Web and mobile project for iOS and Android smartphones. Information architecture, user flow, and user journey ruled this project because of the large content we have to deal with.